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Proliant 1600 Boot Troubles

Lance Ridgely
Occasional Visitor

Proliant 1600 Boot Troubles

I have read some of the posts and have yet to find one that "fits" my situation. After 3 days of problems the server won't boot this morning. When I punch the power key, the bottom arrow lights go green on all 4 drives, then the middle drive light goes green, then the top drive light goes red, then nothing. The only LED that shows is the first drive light, the arrow light on the bottom. Suggestions would be appreciated. We use the server as a file server, and our students need to get to the information.
Sung Oh
Respected Contributor

Re: Proliant 1600 Boot Troubles

Hi Lance,

You can check below link fo ryou product info first.

And, you can start checking SmartArray and disks and work you way upto BIOS.

Little more details on your system configuration would be helpful to provide you more help.