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Proliant 1600 CPU Upgrade suggestions

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Proliant 1600 CPU Upgrade suggestions

I've read through several of the other threads on this topic, but some of the information seems unclear. I would like to upgrade the processors in my 1600, but so far I've been unsuccessful. I'm hoping to get some feedback from 1600 owners, not just HP's folks. I'll try to give as many Compaq Part numbers as I have.

My 1600 came with a single P2 400 and single VRM (327660-001). I originally upgraded it to 2 P2 400's using spare processor from another computer and a spare VRM I had in an old Pentium Pro machine (the specs matched for this process).

I was recently given a matched pair of P3 750/100/256 chips and I would like to use them, even if they don't run at their full speed.

My Process board is 313622-001. I have two new VRMs, but I think they are only for up to a Pentium 2 450. They're VXI 073-20737-0V.
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Re: Proliant 1600 CPU Upgrade suggestions

I think that you will find that the proliant 1600 will only go to 600Mhz on a 100mHZ bus. The PIII processors use a 133mHz bus so will not operate in the proliant 1600 - you need to upgrade to the Proliant 1850's to get that speed.