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Proliant 1600 - Numerous problems

Mark Boughen
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Proliant 1600 - Numerous problems

I have acquired a Compaq Proliant 1600 tower. There are a number of problems that are stopping my from installing an OS on it. I would be very grateful if anyone can provide assistance.

1). The server powers up, counts the RAM and posts an Unsupported Processor message. The jumper settings all look correct for a PII 266.

2). Setting all of the SW1 switches to on allows me to boot from a floppy disk but not a CD.

3). When booting from a floppy to rompaq the server I get a message saying that the '...devices are being detected' and then after about a minute the server makes a quick series of beeps before hanging.

4). When trying to run the System Erase Utility I get a AIC - 7789 error message before the server hangs.

5). If I modify the config.sys of the System Erase Utility to bypass the Device settings I get to a menu asking me to select a language but the keyboard does not respond.

6). When trying to run the System Configuration Utility I get a splash screen asking me to 'Press any key...' but again the keyboard does not respond. I have tried different keyboards, I have also replaced the board into which the PS2 keyboard plugs but still no joy.

I have removed most of the RAM, tried different CPU's, tried to clear NVRAM by setting SW1 6 to on but nothing much seems to happen.

I look forward to hearing any suggestions you may have.

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Re: Proliant 1600 - Numerous problems



Make sure all your SW1 switches are OFF.

Do you have your SmartStart CD or are you using the diskettes?

Next, how many processors do you have installed in the server?
What speed for each?
Does each processor have a PPM installed with it?
Did these PPM's come from the same system/processors?

When you replaced the System I/O cage, what speed processor was the server you got it from?
(yes, there are different models)

Let me know what you find? -john
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