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ProLiant Servers (ML,DL,SL)
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Proliant 1600 VRMs

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L.C. Karssen
Occasional Contributor

Proliant 1600 VRMs

Hi there,

I recently bought a second hand Proliant 1600, with one 450 Pentium II processor.
Because I have two identical PIII-600's lying around, I want to try to upgrade my proliant to a dual processor machine. I already installed one PIII-600 and it works fine (@ 450 MHz, but that doesn't matter).
Now I want to add the second PIII as well, but I run into difficulties when deciding which VRM to buy:
The HP online part shop lists two VRM replacement part numbers: 327660-001 and 329267-001 (the first one is identical to the VRM that is already installed).

Can anybody tell me whether I can use both types of VRMs , or do I specifically need the first one?
Or are other part numbers also OK (some people just mention "for proliant 1600" when they offer a VRM for sale)?

Thanks in advance!
Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant 1600 VRMs

Hello Mr. Karssen,
This is what you need:

Processor Power Module (350-450) 327660-001
Processor Power Module (500-600) 329267-001

Thermal Upgrade Kit 161144-001

Always use the PPMs according to the CPU in the system to avoid any problems.

L.C. Karssen
Occasional Contributor

Re: Proliant 1600 VRMs

Dear Mr. Jerath,

Thanks for your quick reply!
Can you tell me what the Thermal Upgrade kit is for? Is it only needed to run the PIII-600, or is it needed for a PII-450 as well (I may try to find a second PII-450 with VRM instead of using the two PIII-600s)?
Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant 1600 VRMs

Hello Mr.Karssen,
Especially when you upgrade your Server CPUs from 450 up...!! This kit is required to meet the thermal conditions within the server because these components generate quiet a bit of heat.


Re: Proliant 1600 VRMs

The Thermal kit is only necessary if you are running the U2 cage. It sure wouldn't hurt to have it, but it'll save you about $250 CDN.

Make absolutley sure the VRMs for the 600s are 329267-001 - they are higher wattage. The ones for the 450s are too weak and will eventually give out (I have this experience already).