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Proliant 1600 & RIBs

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Proliant 1600 & RIBs

I've got a number of proliant 1600's that have needed the RIB's replaced, the RIB's would try a reset of the 'shared memory interface' but fail, try a hardware reset of the RIB and a minute or two later the server hangs.

They're NT4 sp6a, psp is 6.31a and all the RIB have varying firmware revisions.

The problem is once the RIB is replaced I can only get 16 colours - there isn't a single video driver that will work (and I've tried them ALL (MS, HP/CPQ, ATI)).

Any ideas?
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Re: Proliant 1600 & RIBs


If you changed from RIBI to RIBII you need to remove all traces from the RIBI board, as the OS, at least W2K and W2K3, does not identify them as being different.
The slot for a RIB is #6.
Update system-partition upon removal-insertion via F10.
Collect latest FW and drivers for NT from :
This does the trick in W2k/3