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Proliant 1600 boot errors

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Proliant 1600 boot errors

I recently got a Proliant 1600. When it boots it gives errors:
215 non function volt reg module proc 1
215 non function volt reg module proc 2
178 Processorconfiguration invalid
1615 power supply failure bay 1
1615 power supply failure bay 2
1615 power supply failure bay 3

F1 to comtinue F10 for setup

Setup will not clear these errors.

It has 2 p3 600 CPU's
It has a gig of ECC Reg RAM
It has working RAID 5 disk drives

If I press F10 and select "diagnostic utilities" and it says "errors must be corrected before I can enter diagnostics" real bright?
Used Smartstart 4.90 to make system partition and a "diagnostic floppy". Boot on diag floppy
and run all tests..... found no problems and does not provide for anything to be reset.

I installed FreeBSD 7.0. It runes fine. Because of boot errors I'm not sure both CPUs are active. I would like to fix boot errors and re-install OS just to be sure.
Oh yes, it only has 1 large power supply. All hardware is working and I can access internet.
I've read alot of info on this but can't find a fix.
Need help. Thanks, Mike Gibson
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Re: Proliant 1600 boot errors


if you haven't done this , always recommended to update the firmware:

If the server runs, this can be false messages(power supply bay 3 failed..).

you can re-seat the hardware components and use the 6th position of the maintenance switch to reset the configuration :

page 134.

you can try to run the server with 1 CPU only(take he corresponding 2nd VRM/PPM out).

these are the troubleshooting steps...

At the end if same situation - you can read the spare of the sysboard and check if it supports the CPUs(Pent 3), but this is pffff shot in the dark :)


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Re: Proliant 1600 boot errors

Thanks for reply..
Did update bios, than loaded older bios, then reloaded latest bios... same errors.

I have removed CPUs and installed in a spare motherboard, both work OK, both are p3 600s. I have installed only 1 in Proliant 1600 and I get same errors. I have cleared NVRAM and started over twice. I have installed external CMOS battery thinking it could not save these changes.
I think that these are not real errors (ie. only have 1 power supply). It's like something needs to be cleared or updated, but what?
Thanks, gibson