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Proliant 1600 not booting to SmartStart CD

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Proliant 1600 not booting to SmartStart CD

I have an old proliant 1600 here as well as another couple of 1600s in bits. I have been having huge problems trying to get it to boot to the smartstart d.

I removed all pci cards including the raid controller and have a single 400 cpu currently installed. I created a system wipe floppy which I ran which I had previously read was necessary to get the cd to boot, but when I try to boot from the cd I still continuously get invalid system disk messages or something to that effect. I have burned numerous disks and tried different cdroms with no more luck. I have swapped in and out different memory sticks, as well as various different parts

Before I discovered to use the system wipe disk I had wiped the cmos through the jumpers on the main board. Since then I have being getting all of the following error message on startup :

172-System configuration non-volatile memory invalid. Initialisation aborted.

172-1 Configuration non-volatile memory invalid

162 - System Options not set

Any help would be much appreciated as I am runninng out of things to try
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Re: Proliant 1600 not booting to SmartStart CD

On the phriphrial board there are 6 dip switches. Turn #6 on. That will clear the nvram.
Have you burnt the smart start CD as an ISO just copied it to the CD?
You must make sure that the memory is in pairs. E.G. two 128meg on one side of the memory board and two 128 meg on the other side of the board or it will not work.
If you don't have enough memory you can get it very cheaply in pairs or kits of the web.
Hope this helps
Sam K
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Re: Proliant 1600 not booting to SmartStart CD

Hi David,

The 172 and 162 errors are a direct result of you running the system erase utility. This is perfectly normal but the system now needs to be configured via Smartstart or SCU diskettes.

You will notice that on the first boot it only finds 16Mb of memory despite the amount installed. Again this is normal and part of the hardware discovery process once you have ran a system erase. For this G1 system you need Smartstart 5.50 or below. anything above 5.50 won't work on a Proliant 1600.

Here is a link to the Smartstart 5.50 iso image which needs to be used to create a bootable CD with a suitable burning package like Nero, Roxio, MagicIso etc.

A single memory dimm can be installed in the Proliant 1600, it does not need to be in pairs but it must be 100Mhz Registered SDRAM. It also doesn't matter which end of the memory bus you install from. Memory will work if you start from the slot nearest CPU1 or farthest away.

If you get Smartstart 5.50 to boot you should get rid of all these messages.

Alternatively you can download and create the SCU diskette set (4 disks) and boot from floppy to set the system configuration and clear these errors.
The SCU diskette kit can be downloaded from here.

I hope this helps.