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Proliant 1600 w/SA 3200 expand array

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Miguel A. Bertolo
Occasional Visitor

Proliant 1600 w/SA 3200 expand array

I´m planning to expand the array (Raid 5) on an Proliant 1600 server with Smart Array 3200 controller.
Adding an 18.2 Gb (10Krpm) hard disk to the existent 4 x 9.1 Gb (10Krpm) hard disk´s.
The actual configuration is:
- Server Proliant 1600
- Smart Array 3200 controller
- SmartStart version 5.5
- 4 x 9.1Gb hot-swap hard disk (10Krpm)- Raid5
- OS: Windows 2000 Server + SP2
- Compaq ACU for Windows version 2.90A
- Windows SA 3200 driver version 5.14

I´m including the Compaq survey as attachment too.
My concern is if I need to update some firmware, driver or ServicePack to do this job successful.
Thank you in advance.
Tarek Kawach
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant 1600 w/SA 3200 expand array

Hi Miguel:

You Can expand the Array; but you will have to create new logical drive.

You cannot extend the original logical drive.

First you will need; MS sp3 minimu; Latest firmware and Array config Utilities;

but as per HP ; they don't support driver array extentions on 3rd and 4th gen array controllers.

There is 50/50 % chance of it not working.

Drive Array extentions; is only support on 5th and 6th gen controllers with latest firmware and also Software configurations utilities.

In your case: (may or may not work)

If you want to attempt it:

1- need MS sp 3 mininum
2- Latest PSP for windows 2000

3- latest array controller firmware

4- latest Array configurations utility

Best regards,


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Terry Hutchings
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant 1600 w/SA 3200 expand array

I wouldn't recommend extending the logical drive, but just expanding the array, then creating a new logical drive. There usually isn't a good reason to extend logical drives.
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Re: Proliant 1600 w/SA 3200 expand array

It is a good idea to download and plash the lastest BIOS, if you do not already have, during the downtime, but other than that you will not need anything else.
NOTE: When adding the 18GB to the 4 drive array of 9GB drives, the controller will truncate the size of the drive to 9GB. No one mentioned that here I see.
If the server is up when the drive is inserted, the controller should ask you what to do with it and give you some choices. You could just launch the ACU and configure it that way.
As for extending either of the logical drive, I do not think that is possible in your current configurations because if I read that right you have 2 existing logical drives in the one RAID5 set. I think that can only be done if the set contains a single RAID logical drive(not to be confused with OS partitions)
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Miguel A. Bertolo
Occasional Visitor

Re: Proliant 1600 w/SA 3200 expand array

Thank you to all again.
I will take these recommend's, execute the plan, and then inform the results.
Miguel A. Bertolo
Occasional Visitor

Re: Proliant 1600 w/SA 3200 expand array

The Plan has been executed successful.
1- Verify the correct Full backup on tape.
2- Close all user sessions (if exist).
3- Install the Windows 2000 Server SP4.
4- Install the latest PSP for Windows2000 (ver. 7.10).
5- Install the latest Array controller firmware (cp002242.exe).
6- Install the latest Array Configuration Utility (ACU 7.15).
7- Put the new hard disk (18.2Gb).
8- Start the HP ACU 7.15.
9- Expand the array via Wizard option.
10- Create a new Logical drive (included in the array as Raid 5).
11- wait until the array is full expanded (3 hours).
12- Start the Windows Disk manager.
13- Recognize the new Volume.
14- Span the old dynamic volume with the new available space (9Gb.)

End of job.