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Proliant 1600 won't boot

Rob Privette
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Proliant 1600 won't boot

My Proliant 1600 server fails to boot up after having been turned off to be moved. When the power switch is engaged, the fans start, several components light momentarily (SCSI drives, CD drives - but not floppy dirve, keyboard - but not monitor) and then the boot process suspends.

Inside the box, the array controller board shows 10 check lights that normally all illuminate during the boot process. Now only lights 0 - 6 light up.

It doesn't appear as though the bios is starting up (no Proliant logo on screen).

I've pulled the CPU cage and the SCSI HD cards and cleaned the connections - but no change.

This happened ~ 1 mo ago (again when the machine was turned off for a weekend), but that time the machine miraculously successfully booted up and ran fine after 2 days of failed boot attempts.

Can anyone suggest a diagnostic strategy?
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Re: Proliant 1600 won't boot

Hi Rob,

As you know it's an old server, so there might be several posibilities behind not booting of this one. try to clean up all connectors (RAM,CPU, PPM, Interface cards, the one connecting I/O board with Mainboard etc) and slots and then reseat all firmly.
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