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Proliant 1600

Sean Kelly_9
Occasional Visitor

Proliant 1600

I just bought a used Proliant 1600 with 2 9.1 GB harddrives. I would like to upgrade the harddrives but cannot get a list of what is compatible with this server. can I buy the following trays? ( and put any ULTRA2 SCSI drives in them. Looking for the cheapest solution here as the server is only worth about 150 bucks.
Mark J. Francisco
Frequent Advisor

Re: Proliant 1600

For PL1600 Pentium 266 and 300, you can go up to 18.2GB Wide-Ultra3 10K drives (1.6")
For PL1600 PII and PIII systems, you can use 18.2GB WU2 and WU3 10K drives (1.6"). You can even go up to 36.4GB WU3 10K drives (1.6")Also, you can go with the newer 1" drives but you would have to acquire the proper drive cage to do so.