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Proliant 1600R PII/450 mono upgrade

Philippe Bouquet
Occasional Contributor

Proliant 1600R PII/450 mono upgrade

I bought 2 Proliant 1600R with 1 CPU 450 on each. Il would like to combine the 2 machines on one powerfull.
1 - May i take the cpu on one and put it directly on the server?
2 - idem for memory.
3 - Do i need to change some switches? (which ones)
4 - May i buy 2 slot1 PIII 600 and upgrade the server? Is it specific PIII 600?
5 - Is it possible to install a 80Gb UW SCSI HD with non strategic data and all other data on raid?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help for a new user.
Phillip Williams_2
Respected Contributor

Re: Proliant 1600R PII/450 mono upgrade

Phillipe: Welcome to ITRC

Suggest you start by downloading Service & Maintenance manual for this server at


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Mark Eidem
Occasional Advisor

Re: Proliant 1600R PII/450 mono upgrade


First ensure that you have the latest ROMPaq (BIOS) for the server. This will give you the relavent (newer) CPU support. However you will need to read the manual as advised in the earlier reply.

Memory used is Registered PC100 ECC SDRAM (it is on the PII 500MHz at least).... Provided speeds are the same should be OK.

As for the CPU they must have the same steping otherwise it may/will not work. This can be checked in the BIOS or looking at each CPU. Also refer the the Intel website.

I moved from 4.3/9.1GB hotplug U2 drives to larger 36/73GB drive on a SmartArray 221 and SmartArray 3200 with no issues. Not sure for other SCSI models including the embedded SCSI HBA.