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Proliant 1850R - Onboard LSI Logic 53C875 SCSI

Steve Szuster
Occasional Advisor

Proliant 1850R - Onboard LSI Logic 53C875 SCSI


I am trying to do something that is undoubtedly offcially unsupported but I am hoping somebody here can provide some input. My situation is as follow:

- I have a Seagate 18.2GB LVD 80-Pin Hard Disk connected to Channel 1 on the onboard SCSI. The catch is that I am using one of those 80-68pin adapters.
- The LSI BIOS does not recognize the drive at boot-up
- The drive is recognized by Windows 2003 Server and fully accessible.
- I am trying to access this drive from DOS and unable to do so.
- I tried using the Compaq provided MS-DOS SCSI drivers but they did not recognize the drive.
- I downloaded the 53C875 DOS drivers from LSI Logic's website and the SYMDISK.SYS driver does indeed recognize the drive, and DOS allocates a drive letter for it, however I am unable to access the drive because it treats it as unformatted and when I try and format it it errors with something like "Device Driver is giving incorrect information"
- I tried to upgrade the firmware using the update from LSI's website, however it did not work. I suspect because it is embedded on the Compaq board.

Any ideas?

Also, does anybody know if the updated Compaq BIOS would have updates for the onboard SCSI firmware?

Thanks allot in advance,


Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant 1850R - Onboard LSI Logic 53C875 SCSI

For mostly on board (build in) SCSI controller you need to use System ROM (BIOS) update in order flash SCSI Controller.
You on the right track however not all server has or need update for SCSI on board.
Steve Szuster
Occasional Advisor

Re: Proliant 1850R - Onboard LSI Logic 53C875 SCSI

I upgraded the BIOS and still have the same issue.

W2K3 accesses the drive a-ok, but can't seem to find a DOS driver that'll do the same. The DOS SCSI drivers from Compaq do not even detect the drive.

Any more ideas?

Thanks again!!