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Proliant 2000 Boot Problem - DC10 departure

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Proliant 2000 Boot Problem - DC10 departure

Ive inherited a Proliant 2000 which hasn't been turned on for 9 months , when I turned it on it makes a noise like a plane taking off and doesn't even boot to the Compaq splash screen.

I know that the person I got it from had been playing with the CPU cards and swapping them around.

Is their a key stroke or switch on the motherboard I can set to reset the config.
Claude Boileau
Valued Contributor

Re: Proliant 2000 Boot Problem - DC10 departure

Hi Willie,

You want to look for the maintenance switch and turned on the number 6, which is the NVRAM switch. Then power on wait a minutes then boot back up with the switch back to its original state: OFF. But you might also want to receipt all the components in the system including power connectors and memory.
Hope this will help