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Proliant 2500 Array Problem

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Proliant 2500 Array Problem


I have a huge problem with my server that needs to be repaired quick. One of my hard drives was giving this error: "Detect imminent failure". I ignored that because the server worked as a desktop computer for about an year without having any problems. Before that error came up, i have installed Ipcop, a Linux distribution for networking. Now, I tried to replace that HDD (info- Drive Array Not Configured Run Drive Array Advanced Diagnostics.., to remove it etc... Nothing worked!

Now the real problem is that I cannot acces the System Partition Utility, not even the Maintenance CD which freezes. I think it is mainly because of the Linux. When I try to press F10 to enter the System Partition Utilities this error shows up: Non-System disk or disk error replace and strike any key when ready

Please help ! I am desperate !

Thank you.
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Re: Proliant 2500 Array Problem

sounds like a problem with grub or lilo-what flavour of linux are you using and is it the only OS on the drive?