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Proliant 2500 SmartStart CD and drivers

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Proliant 2500 SmartStart CD and drivers

We are a non profit organization.
A large company give us a proliant 2500 (BIOS E24 of 06/28/1999) with :
Slot 6 - SMART 2/P Controller - rev B, v1.80 (5 4.3Gb disks attached)
Slot 2 - SMART 3200 - rev A, v4.16 Controller (No attached equipment)

We search all CD and disks to configure our Proliant (SMARTSTART CD, Configuration, test and other utilities).

Could you help us to make a freely copy of these support.

Thanks a lot
Claude Boileau
Valued Contributor

Re: Proliant 2500 SmartStart CD and drivers

Hi Toledano

The software to configure your server is all their on the web site at the following URL:
Once you have selected you operating system click locate software and you will have all the list of drivers and firmware.
For configuring you server you need to run the system configuration utility 1st then the array configuration utility and finally you have to load your operating system. If there is a operating system already install and you want a clean install you can also run the erase utility and start front the bottom up. Also if you do have a smart start cd you can use the assisted path to atomize the process but only if there is noting that you care to keep.

I also have notice that your array controller firmware on the 2p is old you probably also want to upgrade the firmware on the controller using the option rom paq for array controller off of that link previously pointed out. Also I would sugg to check ou the system bios firmware update as well sp14127.

If you have other questions I will be please to respond. Hope this will help.