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Proliant 2500 doesn't start

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Proliant 2500 doesn't start


I encountered thermal problems with my Proliant 2500 (one of the two fans used to cool the 2 PPro processors failed, leading to a brutal shutdown of the system (by brutal, I mean without any notice or error message)). I replaced the defective fan with a new one, but since then, my server refuses to start : th e power supply seems ok, the hard drivers are spinning, but the screen remains black, though powered. The fans are ok, no error led on the motherboard, but still nothing. I tried to clear the memory using SW1, without success. I already have had that kind of problem in the past, most often after a change in the configuration (like adding a PCI card), but after a few hours trying to start it up, it usually worked. Now, after several *days* of trying.. I must admit I've no clue what's wrong with it.
Any help *very* appreciated...
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Re: Proliant 2500 doesn't start

Hi Nick,

Check all the connections going to the small interconnect backplane which the I/O and system board plug into. There may be a loose cable here, particularly the one I have indicated in the attached image file.

You will need to remove the I/O and system board to get full access to this module.

Also make sure that when you push the I/O and system boards back in, they make good contact and are fully locked into position.

If this doesn't help try with CPU 1 only and one Voltage Regulator Module.

If you need troubleshooting guides etc. please e-mail me at

I hope this helps,


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Re: Proliant 2500 doesn't start

thanks a lot Brian.
You were right. One of the wire that make a power cable connected to the backpane board was cut. It would have been hard to find out without your help. I replaced the power supply and it works fine now.
thnaks again for your valuable and kind help.