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Proliant 2500R Power issue

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Proliant 2500R Power issue

I have a 2500R that is acting strange. The power supply went out on my server about 2 weeks ago and I just changed it out. Well it gets no power now since I changed it out. If I unhook the 8 pin connector from the powersupply to the mini backplane it works but does not post?? Any suggestions? I have swapped the backplane with one that does work. I can pull out the main board and the processor board and still does the same thing. I have tried a different powersupply and does the same thing. Very strange, help if you can.
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Re: Proliant 2500R Power issue

Looks like it is not a power supply issue.
Somewhere at motherboard you have a "open" circuit.
Chris Moran

Re: Proliant 2500R Power issue

The Power Supply doesn't come on at all when it's all plugged in? My guess would be a short, or something really loading the system down.

Unplug all boards plugged in, and remove the hard drives. If it still doesn't come up, we've got a backplane problem.

If it comes up like that, re-add the disks one at a time, (power off between each test please!!!!)

If still good, re-add the cards one at a time.

Good luck!
Think what you can do...
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Re: Proliant 2500R Power issue

I have tried your combination and still to no avail. I purchased new backplane yesterday to test it. Still does not work. This is what I have tried so far. I can take everything out of the server that is hooked up to the powersupply except for backplane and when I hookup the 10 pin connector beside where the fans are plugged into the backplane and I get Zero power. But if I unplug that connector, my power supply now only blinks the power light once after about 3 secs. I have tried 5 different working power supplies they all do the same. So I KNOW that I am missing something. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to chip in help.

Allan Forbes
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Re: Proliant 2500R Power issue

I would like to add my story :)

Identicle symptoms with the connector plugged in, if I remove the "P5" connector the computer powers on (all devices too) but of course will not POST.

I have replaced PSU, CPU's; power modules; cpuboard, and the backplane.

Im fairly sure this is an elusive open circuit as opposed to a faulty device. So im wondering if anyone at hp could tell us the location of any chassis intrusion switches/jumpers or other jumpers which cut the power. I hope to set this server up by christmas (without spending any more cash if possible)