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Proliant 2500R upgr to LVD SCSI RAID5?

Ray Martin_1
Occasional Visitor

Proliant 2500R upgr to LVD SCSI RAID5?

I've got a dual Pentium Pro 200 w/ sufficient RAM to be a decent Linux Intranet server. I inherited a handful 9GB LVD SCSI drives, but of course they don't work with the SMART 2DH RAID controller. Are there LVD replacements/upgrade parts? I imagine I'd need not only the RAID controller, but also the drive cage and hot-swap drive trays.

Thx in advance,
Ray Martin
Patrick Rouse
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Re: Proliant 2500R upgr to LVD SCSI RAID5?

For the amount of money you'd spend on parts you could buy a newer system on Ebay with everything you need. Anything under PII350MHz is not worth spending a dime on. Sorry.

I just got a ML370 w/ dual 1GHz PIII's for $1150 beacuse the parts I needed to upgrade an older server would have cost me $1800.

If you want to find parts for your system check out:
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Re: Proliant 2500R upgr to LVD SCSI RAID5?

The SMART 2DH RAID should be LVD compatible. But from your other words, it is not clear what you have or have tried. You have the contoller but not drive cage? no hot plug drives? Are the drives you have bare SCA drives?
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Ray Martin_1
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Re: Proliant 2500R upgr to LVD SCSI RAID5?

Thank you for the responses. I suspected that expense would be a bigger issue than any technical problems i.e. hardware upgrades.

I misspoke (miss poked?)in my original message. The controller is a 2CH, not 2DH. I can't find anything on the HP Web site about the 2CH, but I rather suspect it's not LVD capable.

As I understand it, LVD controllers can manage non-LVD drives, but not vice versa. Correct?