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Proliant 3000 2nd CPU

Paul Court_1
Occasional Visitor

Proliant 3000 2nd CPU

We had 2 x Proliant 3000 with 450 CPU's. We are binning one and decided to add the ram and CPU to the second machine.

I have added the CPU, RAM and CPU power/enabler card, but upon boot the system says that cpu 1 failed. I have swapped the cpu's round, and it still says that 1 failed.

The system will boot happily with either CPU so I am thinking I have missed something obvious. I cant seem to find a jumper setting for adding a second cpu, and I tried to use a ROMPaq upgrade but it tells me that "Partitioning Services are not avail on this machine".

Any ideas ??
Frank Kaufman
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant 3000 2nd CPU

There is no jumper setting for adding a second CPU.

Update the system ROM to the latest version -

Make sure you do a sytem erase and reconfigure the system using SmartStart. The latest version applicable to this server is SmartStart 5.5
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Re: Proliant 3000 2nd CPU


Before running the system erase.....

You may just have been unlucky to have seated the new CPU incorrectly when first installed. This would generate the CPU failure error. It retains this error until you manually clear it.

Run the system configuration utility (F10 or Smartstart CD).
After the main screen appears press CTRL-A to enter advanced mode. You should then see the CPU error and be able to clear it. This will allow the system to POST properly on the next reboot and find both good CPU's.

Hope this helps,