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Proliant 3000 Server CPU and SCSI issues

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Proliant 3000 Server CPU and SCSI issues

I have a Proliant 3000 that has so far been quiet a project to repair. Cosidering I am not an expert in server builds.
After swapping the system board, this server partially boots up. There are two main problems. It has problems with one of the Processors. When I swap the two processors around. The system powers up, but does not post or get to video stage and strangely the CD-Rom starts making a funny noise and starts flashing orange. When I try to power on the system with only one processor I get DIMM memory errors, that I do not normally get when both processors are plugged in. I have also tried changing the DIMM memory sticks with the same result.
The second problem seems to be that the server is not detecting the SCSI drives, but seems to detect the controller. When I plug one of the SCSI drives, its lights come on then go off.
After posting the server asks me to press F1 to continue or f10 for system partition utilities. When I press F10 it reports, "Non-System disk or disk error replace and strike any key when ready. There are no tapes floppies or cd-roms inside. When I try to use an operating system installation disk it does not detect any of the scsi disk drives. Thanks in advance for any help on this.
The post the system makes is below.

327680 KB Detected

COMPAQ System Bios -E39 (06/16/1998)

Processor 1 initialized at 300 MHz
Processor 2 initialized at 300 MHz with 512 Kbyte Cache
212-Processor 1 failed
1611-CPU Fan (Fan 2) Not Present

Slot 8 Compaq Smart Array 3200 Controller (rev A, v3.06) 0 Logical Drives
1785-Slot 8 Drive Array Not Configured
No Drives Detected

SCSI Controller, System Board, Port 1:
ID 6 - Compaq 20/40 GB DLT DRV

Press "F1" key to continue
"F10" key for System Partition Utilities
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Re: Proliant 3000 Server CPU and SCSI issues

Proc 1 is bad - pull that and put proc 2 in the slot for proc 1. Eventually you'll have to clear the error (more on this later).

Looks like a fan is unplugged.

Array - check to see of there is a SCSI cable running from the drive cage to the array controller. The drives will flash any time power is applied to them - so that is an indication there is power but not SCSI (data) cable.

This will get you a bit closer and we can tackle the other issues once we get these cleared up.
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Re: Proliant 3000 Server CPU and SCSI issues

thanks for your help. I have had some progress with this server. I did what you suggusted and checked that the SCSI data cable was connected to the drive cage, it was. So I decided to detach the cable from the PCI SCSI Controller and connect it to an onboard SCSI A socket and all four drives were detected by the system. I guess this means that I must have a faulty PCI SCSI Controller. Are there any downsides to running SCSI drives from the onboard controller rather than the PCI one? I am from a desktop background so all this is a bit new to me.
I replaced the slot 1 CPU with the slot 2 one. I still got the same DIMM memory error.
One of the fans was connected to a redundant fan header. I am not getting the fan not connected error message anymore.
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Re: Proliant 3000 Server CPU and SCSI issues

Just a follow up to the CPU problem. When I tried to boot up the server with the CPU I presume to be good, it recognized the CPU, but this time gave errors that all the fans had failed and shutdown the server. All fans were working.
When I try the CPU that I think is faulty, it does not even get to that stage. The system fans and lights go on, but the system does not boot and cd-rom orange light flickers.
Mark Morgan
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Re: Proliant 3000 Server CPU and SCSI issues

Does the cpu's have compaq part numbers? And the memory needs to be ECC registered clock 2.
You can find all the documentation at:〈=en&cc=us

You will need a Compaq SmartStart Cd to negotiate the pci raid card. It will also set up your hardware and software install.

Good Luck.
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Re: Proliant 3000 Server CPU and SCSI issues

Once you have swapped the CPU's around you will need to diags (from the smartstart cd) on the cpus, this will clear the cpu error flag.