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Proliant 3000

Brian Howard_2
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Proliant 3000

Here is my question. I have a Proliant 3000 - Dual PII 450MHz server and just recently started to see the message about 172 - Configuration NVRAM invalid. Well I know about the battery issue. I installed and external battery but now sure if the jumper on E8 needs to be moved. It's on pins 2, 3 right now. I got into F10 - tried to save config and got a messsage about automatic server recovery cannot be saved because not enough Nvram available. I cleared the Cmos several times SW2- 6 and still are getting the messasges about not being about to save the NVRAM settings. The front LCD panel keeps giving me LCD error 209 as well. I am stumped at this point. If Nvram is cleared why doesn't it save to the system. Does anyone know if any other jumpers need to be set or reset on system board when an external battery is added. I tried finding the maintenance manual Chapter 4 which shows the switch setting for the system board on line at Compaq's site and it doesn't exist. Thanks for any help.
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Re: Proliant 3000


According to the maintenance guide, the jumper should be removed when an external battery is fitted to the system board. (See attached image).

This doesn't really explain the behaviour however.

I can't find a reference to IMD error 209 at POST but 208 and 210 reference memory errors so this may be where your problem lies.

Hope this helps,