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Proliant 320 g2 dual nic - IIS /Web question

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Proliant 320 g2 dual nic - IIS /Web question

Hi there,

i have a 10 web server site on mostly dell platforms. i have put a dl320 g2 into the web farm with the same dual nic set up as the others - 1 nic is on the lan, the other is on the dmz, one on the 10 network the other on 192 both have different gateways - this works for all the other servers.

I do this to the 320 and i cant connect via the outside if the lan nic is enabled. If i disable the lan nic i can then reach the external nic from the internet.

I have sniffed the ext nic and it sees ftp coming in, it just wont pass it on. Any ideas??