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Proliant 350ml g5 crazy shutdowns


Proliant 350ml g5 crazy shutdowns



I got a strange problem with a costumer of mine... They have a 350ml g5

The server randomly shuts down with internal led blinking red. The motherboard is showing amber led for cpu 1 and the red one led near the VGA about i cant find any documentation.

When it shuts down i cant power up the server any more with a power button. I have to  take out the powercord and plug it in again and then the server boots up complety normal and works until the next random shutdown (1-2 times per week)

Now if the cpu failed (which the led indicates) the server would boot again in my opinion.


anyone had that kind of problem?




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Re: Proliant 350ml g5 crazy shutdowns

My first thought is check the powersupply (hopefully you have a spare?).

Otherwise it might be related to the motherboard or memory.

Memory can be checked by downloading Memtest86+ and let it run for several hours (if possible).

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Re: Proliant 350ml g5 crazy shutdowns

This is a known issue with these models. It has to do with the ppm modules and some other parts. Call HP support, they should be able to find the HP confidential advisory about this and tell you what parts need replacing.

I can't remember it out of the top of my head unfortunately and don't want to recommend the wrong parts.
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Re: Proliant 350ml g5 crazy shutdowns

Visual check the motherboard for capacitors who are blown (not flat, but bold on the upperside) especially in the neighbourhood of DIMM8.


Recently i had the same problems on a ML350G5, which was indicating that CPU1 was defective. After replacing CPU1  it was still not getting POST. Blown capacitors where the cause: Replace the motherboard the solution.