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Proliant 380 G6 connectivity issue

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Proliant 380 G6 connectivity issue


I have 2 Proliant 380 G6 servers in my network. I have two groups of clients. LAN clietns connect to both the servers form same LAN as the servers, and VLAN clients which connect to both servers from another VLAN.

Recently and intermittently, VLAN clients loose connection with Server1 (ping time out) whereas they keep connection with server2. At the same time when the problem happens, it is confirmed that LAN clients are connected with both servers.

Actions taken:

- L3 Switch was replaced with no avail.
- Network team was dropped with no avail.

I'm more confident the problem is with the server but don't know the source.

Thanks All

Re: Proliant 380 G6 connectivity issue


Please let us know more information.

Are these two Proliant DL380 G6 servers in a Cluster?

Have you tested that normal network works well with Server 1?

Is this on the onboard NIC or have you installed any PCI NIC?

Have you checked that both the servers are having same PSP, NIC Drivers and Firmware?


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Re: Proliant 380 G6 connectivity issue

No not on cluster. they are different application servers but in the same LAN.

the LAN never gave this problem. only VLAN clients with Server1.

it is on the onboard NIC.

both servers are same NIC driver 23/06/2009.

one more action done: both NICs on server1 were on team. team dropped and kept NIC1 connected. but still same problem.