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Proliant 380G2 Network teaming

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Ian Fraser_3
Occasional Contributor

Proliant 380G2 Network teaming

Anyone come across the following error and managed to fix it?

HP Network Configuration Utility v

Cisco Fast Etherchannel Team
HP NC3163 FE NIC Port 1 Slot 0 Bus 0
HP NC3134 FE NIC Port 1 Slot 3 Bus 8

Switch Assisted LB with Fault Tolerance (SLB)
Balanced on Dest IP Address

Each of the errors appear twice.

Event ID: 323
PROBLEM: A Team Member was NOT successfully added to the Team as configured. If at least one Team Member is configured in the Team, the Team will initialize (but with a lesser complement of Team Members). ACTION: Rerun the HP Network Teaming and Configuration utility to reconfigure the Team and Team Members.

Event ID 454
TEAM0: A team member does not support multiple mac addresses. Disabling Active Path.
Scott F. Gunelius
Occasional Advisor

Re: Proliant 380G2 Network teaming

Silly question, but are your ports on the switch configured to support FEC? I seem to recall needing our topology folks to do this so I could "trunk" multiple network connections using NIC Teaming.

Re: Proliant 380G2 Network teaming

Have you tried making the team as a fault tolerant team to ensure that it's not a problem with the teaming driver?

Also when using etherchannel on a server make sure your not running something like LACP over the connection, if so it wont work.

Ian Fraser_3
Occasional Contributor

Re: Proliant 380G2 Network teaming

I will check with my customer and find out on both accounts , thanks for the help, I will post to let you know how I get on.