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Proliant 4000 scsi cd-rom driver

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Proliant 4000 scsi cd-rom driver

I have a Proliant 4000 form 1995 with a scsi cd-rom type: cr-503bcq. I can't find any drivers for it so i can't install windows NT4.0 on it.

Can anybody help me?
Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant 4000 scsi cd-rom driver

Hello Dennis,
Please try the system configuration utility from the following link and it should configure all the HW in the system and then you can install OS afterwards. You would need four formatted floppies and once the softpaq is extracted then you need to cold boot the system with the first floppy and follow the onscreen messages thereafter:

The second link has all the proprietory software you might need for PL4000: