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Proliant 4500 / Windows 2000


Proliant 4500 / Windows 2000

Winders 2000 on a proliant 4500 - I've ramshacked the internet...and this site to no avail. Just trying to verify that Im using all 4 processors on the server. only 2 show up in task manager - as well as other misc utilities. All updates to firmwarez have been made.

Upon install, I F5 and selected SystemPro or 100% compatible, I've ramshacked the system config...cannot find a way to set table to full mapped - one utility even shows 3 processors are disabled. - (2 show up in taskmanager performance.) could it be that all 4 are running, and the array controller is a double barrel, each barrel running 2 processors?...

Thanks for any thoughts on this.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TOO! My Birthday is in 2 days and I wants this pc to be tweaked for my


Re: Proliant 4500 / Windows 2000

You stated windows 2000 wouldn't recognize more than two processors.

You'll need the one of the Server versions that support more than two processors.


Re: Proliant 4500 / Windows 2000

EGGSELLENT! Thanks bud, that was the problem, I just read and confirmed y2k pro only supports 2 processors, now Im installing the server version, which I read supports 4.

Thanks Again