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Proliant 5000 ... Overdrive Processor?

Keith Jefferson
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Proliant 5000 ... Overdrive Processor?

Just spent some time scanning the forum back to January and I think (unfortunately) that one of the threads has answered my question.

I have a Proliant 2500 and a couple of Proliant 5000's. The 2500 had 2 200MHz PPro's and the 5000's each have 2 166MHz PPro's. I recently upgraded the 2500 with a pair of Intel 333MHz PII Overdrive proecesors (Socket 8). Replaced the CPU's, set a couple of dip switches, and everything worked splendidly.

I tried the same thing in one of the 5000's and even though it posts and tells me that it sees two 333MHz CPU's, the system halts because an "Invalid CPU" is detected.

For now I've inserted the 200MHz processors from the 2500 into this machine and the added speed and cache size (512K) have provided the marginal performance gain I was looking for. But since I am now stuck with two otherwise useless 333MHz Overdrive processors, I'd love to hear from anyone who might have an idea.

Back in January, a fellow with a Proliant 800 posted a similar message and was told there was no solution. I'm inclined to think I'm in the same boat, but would like to know for sure.
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Re: Proliant 5000 ... Overdrive Processor?

It's a long shot Keith but if your BIOS is older than 04/30/1999 then an upgrade might help (See link below). I suspect however that it is something which won't work on the PL5000. Worth a try though.