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Proliant 5000 Problem adding enclosure


Proliant 5000 Problem adding enclosure


I have a problem with my Proliant 5000 when I try to add an enclosure (Series 3092)or disk cabinet if you prefer to call it which seemed to work fine on an old proliant 2000. I get the power on message: 214-IO board, Power Module 2 failed and also 1775-Slot 5 Drive array - Proliant Storage Enclosure not responding. SCSI port 2: check enclosure power switch cables etc etc. I am not sure if they are both linked as it does it even if it is not connected. I've had the IO board error before but it goes away after shutting it down for a few hours.

Ok before anyone suggests it, I have tried another SCSI cables, I have the latest firmware (rom, array, disks (apart from those on the enclosure). The enclosure is attached directly on the back of the smart array 2/p controller and is a proper compaq one, not 3rd party.

Anyone got any ideas what's wrong with it? Am I missing something obvious?