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Proliant 5000 Video upgrade

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Proliant 5000 Video upgrade

Hi, all,
I am having a problem with setting up PCI video in the Proliant 5000 4x200Mhz ROM-E16 04/30/99.
On board video very bad, it has 1024x768 16 colors only.

I have alredy tried 2 cards: TNT2 32Meg and Matrox Millenium II 4Mb - non does want to work.
My steps:
1. F10
2. Add Generic ISA Video card.
2. Setup IRQ and memory addresses.
3. Setup card into PCI slot (2 or 3)
4. Disable default card - SW1 on matheboard
4. Boot computer

With TNT2 comp. does not boot at all, with Millenium it runs but with no video.
Also I tried to clean all ROM settins and redo everything with the same results.

Guys I know something is wrong but what?
I need exactly instructions....

Any help will be very appreciated.


David Lochhead
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Re: Proliant 5000 Video upgrade

As this is a PCI card leave the primary video disabled , remove all drives (IMPORTANT for DATA) . Run a system erase , plug your drives back in then run the SCU to set resources for the video and to find your drives again , dont add an ISA card just let the SCU find it .


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Re: Proliant 5000 Video upgrade

Thanks David,

Yes, I tried to run system erase and reset up
Card again. As soon as I put PCI Video card into slot I do not have any video and cannot see results of running SCU.
I look like it run but after rebooting I do not have video ageing.

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Re: Proliant 5000 Video upgrade

Hi, all,
Problem solved.
What I did.

1. Checked what the steps SCU did when it boots from cd and find new card.
It asking if you want to save changes and etc. (press enter).
2. Power off.
3. Insert PCI video card (Matrox Millennium II) into slot 5.
4. Boot comp. (I did not have any video out from inboard card and new) but comp booted fro cd with SCU.
--With TNT2 32M it does not boot on this step.-

5. Blindly (with no video) I pressed Enter 2-3 times. I looks like SCU could recognize new video card and assign irq addresses and etc) Enter - confirmation that you want to save changes.
6. Power off.
7. Boot comp. with monitor attached into new PCI card. - It start to work.
8. Win2000 recognize new card but could not find all required resources.
9. Power off.
10. Disable inboard video (SW1).
11. Power on.
12. Boot win2000, delete inboard card from devices.
13. Reboot.
14. After that I could change video settings in win2000 to 1280xtrue colour - new card work !!!

I even tried to change Millennium to TNT2 on the sane slot5. It works too.

Thanks everyone. I know that is so old comp. but for fileserver it not too bad and with new video it become much nicer.