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Re: Proliant 5000 boot problems

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Gereon Wenzel

Proliant 5000 boot problems

I just got a PL5000 off ebay, but the system seems buggy.
At first power on (4x PPro same Speed and Cache size and matching quads of memory installed) it just gave me some beeps and shut down power.
Clearing configuration first looked like a solution. The machine powers up, Proliant logo displayed, memory and 4 CPUs detected, booting Smartstart CD and configuring.
After reboot again beeps and power down.
What could be the reason?
The beep sequence seems not to be listed in the diags manual.
Maybe a bad NVRAM memory but what chip to replace?
How to decode the port 85h POST LEDs on the motherboard?
Nowhere any information about these?
Any help apreciated.
Gereon Wenze
David Lochhead
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Re: Proliant 5000 boot problems

Gereon Wenzel

Re: Proliant 5000 boot problems

Problem Solved!
I didn't have the service manual handy the first night.
Beep count led to missing fan and inspection led me to the rear fan "dummy" plug not seated.
(machine is temporary installed to a PL2000 box)
Thanx for the service manual hint, but i had this before.