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Proliant 5000 general installation information

Herbert Rinker
Occasional Visitor

Proliant 5000 general installation information


i have bought a used PL 5000 with 4x200 mhz, Compaq Smart-2/P Array Controller, 5x4,3 HDs, no SmartStart-CD.

Now i realized, that the OS (Windows 2000 Adv. Server SP4) installation is not so easy.

1. Do i really need a smartstart-CD ? Which version ? Found different infos, 5.2 or 5.3 or 5.5 ? There is still a system-partition (F10)

2. Which driver versions do i need ? The newest support pack does not work.

3. How can i activate the 4 processors ?

4. What about the video driver ? The offered driver is for an ati rage IIC, but i suppose there is not an ati built in.

It is my first time i try to install a professional server from compaq (even it is an old one) and i am rather disappointed how confusing the driver situation and driver posibillities are.

I really appreciate any help or tips.


Derek Parmenter
Frequent Advisor

Re: Proliant 5000 general installation information


You can install the server without, however Smartstart is designed to make life easier. You won't be able use anything newer than 5.5 on that server.

If you build from scratch with Smartstart it will install you a system partition, this needs to be done before O/S install.

How does the latest support paq not work ?

The 4 processors should be intialised automatically if Win2000 is installed with more then one in. To check on install it should quote the multiprocessor HAL.

I am not sure what the chipset is for the 5000, the IIc I believe is a bit too recent for the 5000, you may find it is an earlier ATI or a Cirrus Logic chipset.