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Proliant 5000 video card

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Proliant 5000 video card

I have a Proliant 5000 that I can use a Matrox Mystique 4mb graphics card in. As long as the card is in the right slot, I have no problems at all configuring with SmartStart 5.5 and have loaded, at different times, RH 7, Win 2000 and Win XP.
However, wanting to upgrade my graphics (I have the privilege of using this beast as a desktop PC!) I put in a GForce 2 MX400 64 mb card. When this card is fitted, it seems to run from any slot (...I've only tried vacant ones, but they all work...) but the 2dh arrays are not detetcted when booting. The SmartStart setup then fails just before copying the system partition. Now, I must assure you that I don't know what the 2dh array is. I am assuming they are the scsi cards themselves, but would be extremely grateful for any enlightenment.
Why, and what would make these undetected when the computer boots? There is very little that you are allowed to change in the detected system hardware, and most of it just doesn't relate. I am really, really hoping that the card is just not compatible. I have thrown money at this thing left, right and centre! And not even started on the project I got the thing for all those months ago! I must admit, I am sort of enjoying the challenge, though.
I'd be really grateful for any help.
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Re: Proliant 5000 video card


Everytime you install, move or remove an I/O card, memory or processor (basicaly, any change in configuration) you need to re-run the System Configuration Utility from the SmartStart CD or from the system partiton (Hit F10 at boot)

If you have made numerous changes to the PCI/EISA cards, it may be likely you need to just re-save the config.

The alternative is that you can wipe the system out (all data and configurations) that once existed on the server and start fresh. One the SmartStart CD is a utility to perform a "System Erase". his will remove any data, partitons and configurations from the system (i.e., set it back to factory with nothing on the system). From here, you can perform a full install of the servers System Partiton and then the O/S.

While setting the configuration from the SCU in SmartStart;
1. Be sure to set the "Boot Controller Order" to use the SmartArray 2DH as the primary or "First" device.
2. Be sure to select your O/S
3. You may want to select the CD-ROM as the first boot device while setting up the servers O/S.
4. Make sure you are not using Memory Overlay for windows O/S's.

Next, you will need to re-run the Array Configuration Utility (ACU) to configure the disks into the Array(s) you want.

Here is a document to help you with the configurations:

Be sure "not" to install the new video card in the shared PCI/EISA card slots as they may not give you the results you want.

I hope this helps! -john
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Re: Proliant 5000 video card

many thanks for the quick reply.
Unfortunately, I have tried using System Erase and then reconfiguring the whole lot.
The problem starts right at boot up, and the 2dh controllers being detected, with red writing, lines do not appear. It just goes straight to detecting scsi devices, and either boots the cdrom, or says no disk found. It is only when the GForce card is in, too.
Many thanks for any more help.
Cheers, Liam