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Proliant 5000

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Proliant 5000

Just bought a second hand proliant 5000, but when i try to start up the server, he's running a diagnostics program and after that i get this message: A (follewed with a key sign)
I can press the keyboard but nothing happens, only the num.pad light is on, and won't go out.
Does anybody has a answer to this problem ?

Peter, Holland
Tarek Kawach
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Re: Proliant 5000

Hi Peter:

There is configuration switchs on the system board; you can erase NVRAM, or there is a password by pass switch.

Not sure if there is a floppy in the server; or going to the bios and running diag; usually the Diag are in the EISA partion the F10 which is the Bios.

if you Don't need any of the data on the drives; and you are able to create logical drive (if using Smart Array RAID controller)

Can Run erase from floppy on the system and that will wipe everything the Nvram and hard drives and the F10 partion.

here is the utilities you might need:

Compaq System Erase Utility
version 1.70 A (25 Apr 03)

Compaq System Configuration Utility
version 2.58 A (17 Jan 02) (this is your Bios)

Hope this helps.

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Re: Proliant 5000

Dear Tarek,

Thanks for the time you put into my problem.
I will try the things you wrote tomorrow
and i will let you know how things works out.

with regards,