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Proliant 5500 Memory upgrade

Jens Sundall
Occasional Contributor

Proliant 5500 Memory upgrade

I have i problem regarding the memory upgrade of the Proliant 5500 550 Xeon dual processor.

Original banks 1+2 16 x 64 MB

Upgrade bank 1 8 x 64 MB
Upgrade bank 2 8 x 256 MB

It is the correct part number of RAM for this server. And the server should support up to 4096 MB.

Problem: The Server will not post or boot. Everything i mounted ok.

Boots fine with the original configuration.
Leon Rosier
Respected Contributor

Re: Proliant 5500 Memory upgrade

Try 4 exactly the same modules in bank 1 and boot. Does this work? What assembly number is there on the dimms? xxxxxx-xxx