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Proliant 5500 No Cd-rom detected?

Occasional Advisor

Proliant 5500 No Cd-rom detected?

I've got a Proliant 5500 but I don't get te cd-rom to work.
Under windows 2003 he also doesn't see it.
Anybody has any idea where this comes from?
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Re: Proliant 5500 No Cd-rom detected?


The 3000 and 5500 chassis has a pull-out plunger which releases the drive storage bay for access. Quite often the CD rom data scable gets tugged and pulls itself off the drive connector or it may look as if its connected but its a few mm from pins. It's not until someone goes to use it that a problem is seen.

Have you been adding devices to the storage area recently (DAT or DLT tape units etc?)
It's possible that the cable has come off.

This used to be a common problem for engineers attending these models.

Check it at both ends (System board and CD)

I hope this helps.

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Re: Proliant 5500 No Cd-rom detected?

I checked it and because the cables are a little short, it seemes that this was the problem, the plug looked connected but wasn't..