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Proliant 5500 + RA7000

Peter Överhem
Occasional Visitor

Proliant 5500 + RA7000

Having performance problems on a proliant 5500
in a MS Cluster with a RA7000.

When backing upp data from the RA7000 it takes very long time, but when i do backup från local drives it works OK

Is there an issue on the 5500 against the RA7000 with Adaptec 2944
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant 5500 + RA7000

Hi Peter,

There were some issues with certain AIC78XX.SYS driver versions (Adaptec driver for 29XX series).

Can you confirm your current Operating System and version of this driver (Look at the version tab when checking its properties in C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS).

Any other relevant information etc. HSZDISK.SYS, RAIDISK.SYS, current Service Pack of Operating System etc.

What backup package are you using and has this been updated recently with new drivers or patches?

Did this start after some change on the server or backup software, for example a Service Pack Update?

Are you getting any event ID 9,11,15 in the system event log against the SCSI ports?

Does your backup log report errors which correspond with the times of the event id's above?

If you can provide some more information I can check against any known issues although these are now pretty stable products.


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Re: Proliant 5500 + RA7000


Information you requested :

Version AIC78xx.sys drivern: 5.0.2144.1

Version HSXDISK.SYS ver.

Version OS + Servicepack:
Microsoft Windows 2000 (Advanced Server), Service Pack 4

Se attatched event log files from each cluster node