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Proliant 5500 Redundant Fans?

Bogdan R.
Occasional Contributor

Proliant 5500 Redundant Fans?

I am looking for a way to disable the redundant feature of the Proliant 5500 server I have. I used to run only two Fans in it, CPU and I/O, but few days ago I installed some more fans into it. After installing the redundant fans I realized that the system is way too loud with 4 fans

So I figured I'll just go back to my old setup, but no such luck Once I removed the redundant fans the system started complaining that Redundant CPU Fan 1 is not working. It prompts me to press F1 to continue. Can you recommend a way to fix that?

Thank you for any help.

- Bogdan

Re: Proliant 5500 Redundant Fans?


The redundant fans on this model should be installed in pairs. If you have removed one of the fan's and if the fan on the unit does not find a pair then the unit would show errors.