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Proliant 5500 bluescreens every day

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Proliant 5500 bluescreens every day

Dear Forum

We have a Proliant 5500 running NT4 Terminal server that keeps rebooting itself!
Looking in Insight Manager there are 3 entries for every reboot; NMI, the Blue Screen parameters and ASR.
The Blue Screen parameters mostly start with 0x0000000A, but occasional 0x00000050 and 0x00000019 have occurred too.
No Hardware has been added and no drivers changed. Server has had latest SP 6.
Still it happens almost every day....
Have now also replaced every printer driver.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Re: Proliant 5500 bluescreens every day

NMI = non maskable interrupt

The only thing I know to cause NMIs are uncorrectable memory errors or triple faults.

We've had big time problems with PCL 6 LaserJet drivers specifically with NT4 Terminal Server on quad 5500, too. Changed most users to "universal printer driver" and laid that issue to rest. Win2k is supposed to run printer drivers in user mode (like NT3x did) so perhaps it's time to change?

I'd halve and swap memory first, though.