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Proliant 5500 memory Upgarde


Proliant 5500 memory Upgarde

Hi Guys,

Currently my server has already filled all the memory banks and I want to upgrade more memory.

Heres the config:
bank 1 = 4 x 64
bank 2 = 4 x 64
bank 3 = 4 x 64
bank 4 = 4 x 64.

Can I take out 1 bank of memory and replace it with 4 x 256?

Is it possible for me to do that?
If ever, what would be the possible arrangement?

Mikael Christenson
Occasional Advisor

Re: Proliant 5500 memory Upgarde

Hi !!
You did not say which speed your 5500 server was, so I attach for all 5500.

The Memory Configuration is:
500 and 550MHz Models:
*256MB of 50ns DIMMs are standard in all models.
*4 DIMMs per bank with a maximum of 4 banks; one Memory Board with 16 sockets.
*50ns and 60ns DIMM banks can be combined in the server, but performance levels of the 50ns DIMM banks revert to those levels provided by 60ns memory.
*Memory upgrade paths and other memory features are the same of those for all Pentium Xeon models of the ProLiant 5500.

400 and 450MHz Models:
*All 16 memory sockets are located on the Memory Board.
*Only buffered EDO ECC memory is accepted
*Maximum of 4 memory banks consisting of 4 DIMMs/bank of the same speed and size DIMMs
*Maximum of 4GB using 256MB DIMMs

Yes, you can take 64 MB and replace them with 256