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Proliant 600 will not power up.

Bud Schloemer
Occasional Contributor

Proliant 600 will not power up.

I am attempting to power up a Compaq Proliant 6000 (Pentium II). There are no interlock swiches installed. There is no removable media interlock bar installed.

After the power supply is plugged in:
The lower light on the power supply is solid green.
All 3 interlock LEDs are lit on the I/O board.
None of the 5 voltage LEDs are lit on the I/O board.
None of the hot swap I/O fan lights are lit.
After the on/off switch is pressed:
Nothing happens.

I've reseated all of the components on the processor board (many times) as suggested in the HP documentation, without success.

The power switch's cable I/O board plug appears to have the interlock switch bypassed at the plug. Are there any other I/O board, processor board, or other board's connectors,
jumpers, or switches associated with the interlock switches?

The Proliant 6000 manual mentions interlock switches, but there is no reference to how they are wired to the server. There's an interlock switch listed on HP's parts site (spare part

number 297000-001). The picture of it shows (1) a black part (connector ?) with 3 pairs of
wires protruding from it, and the end of each wire has a plug on the end it (2) one white
micro switch, (3) a metal bracket, (4) and a piece of metal that looks like it could be a
wrench. Where do these plugs attach to the server?

Can anyone explain how to test the Air Sensor Interlock?

Any information would be appreciated.
Bud Schloemer
Occasional Contributor

Re: Proliant 600 will not power up.

Mispelled description.