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Proliant 6000 Basic help

Chester Lohman
Occasional Visitor

Proliant 6000 Basic help

I just scored a free Proliant 6000 server. It has 2 PII 400MHz processors; unknown RAMM;(6) 9GB SCSI drives and a tape drive, along with the usual CD/floppy.
I have been searching thru Compaq's site to find basic information about this machine with no luck. Advanced (usually NOS specific) information is readily available; I'm actually impressed but I am first looking for the basic stuff: hardware config, upgrade options, upgrade possibilities etc etc.
I would like to learn the following:
What later model servers where possibly compatible with the 6000? (I am considering switching the boards to accept faster PIII processors)
Is there a diagram of the inside of the server? (very basic, where is the basic stuff so i dont have to look for it.)
Any other general information.

As it was free this is more of a 'learning toy' for me than anything else so any links to supporting data will be helpful. When I do get around to installing an OS I plan to use WinServer 2003

Thanks in advance for the help
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Re: Proliant 6000 Basic help

As you may have already noticed, HP and Compaq merged a few years ago.

Go to
and select whether you want downloads or support information (including manuals).
Type in your model name "proliant 6000".

In the "support information" category, pick "manuals" and find the "Setup and install - hardware" sub-category.

Here's a direct link to a document that seems to contain the basic hardware information you're looking for:

Chester Lohman
Occasional Visitor

Re: Proliant 6000 Basic help

Thank You! the pdf was very helpful and at least gets me started.
I am still looking for the upgrade possibilities.