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Proliant 6000 and Quantum Atlas 10K II hard drives

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Proliant 6000 and Quantum Atlas 10K II hard drives

I have a bunch of 73.4GB Quantum Atlas 10K II SCSI hard drives (1.6" half height, 68-pin Ultra160). I want to install these hard drives in a server so I can learn about RAID arrays and servers in general. I have the opportunity to buy a Proliant 6000 relatively cheap, but I'm having trouble finding the right parts to accomodate these drives. I've searched all over the Internet, and it seems like there's a half dozen different hard drive trays (caddies) to use in the Proliant 6000, but not one that supports 68-pin Ultra160 (aka Ultra3) drives. The HP parts searcher found a tray for a 68-pin drive, but for an older interface. Then there's the issue of the Smart Array Controller. I've seen many types for this server, but few support Ultra160 or higher. Those Smart Array Controllers that do support Ultra160, which would be best for me? What I need are specific Compaq part numbers for the parts needed to get my Atlas hard drives working in the Proliant 6000. I like the fact that this server can hold up to twelve 1.6" hard drives and has casters on it so I can roll it around and not have to buy a server rack for it.

Or should I forget about the Proliant 6000 and search for a different server? Or should I dump my hard drives also, and seek a more current drive/server combo?

Any help with part numbers and advice would be greatly appreciated.