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Proliant 6000 interlock problems

David Stoltz
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Proliant 6000 interlock problems

I have resurrected a Proliant 6000 - the only thing I needed to do was add some memory. It's quad 400.

The power button does not "turn on" the server. No fans turn on, no POST, nothing...

The power supplies are good, and the green LED lights up, but the top LED on the power supply is out, which indicates an interlock problem.

Also on the top board (under the top cover), the 2 amber lights are lit, again, indicating there are interlocks not "closed". The green led on this board is also lit.

I have discovered the small "air sensor" wire running from the Processor board to the front door area. The wires are connected, and nothing looks wrong...

1) Is this air sensor one of the "interlocks"?

2) Where is the other interlock?

I know there are no door/cover interlocks, so this is killing me - I can't find what's wrong and the setup and installation guide are vague about interlocks...

Any one out there that can help?

Many thanks!
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Re: Proliant 6000 interlock problems

hi david ,

few days back i had worked on a 6500 and the issue was the same interlock .think that my solution too will help yours as the server series is same .

Check for the following things :

the interlock error occours because of basic four components .

1. processors .
2. periphal board
3. memory module board
4. misc. cable.

if any of the above mentioned parts are not seated properly or are faulty it gives the interlock error.
Specially check for the misc cable , on 6500 there is a misc port near to scsi port , a cable connects from this port to the fan control board . check it properly .

if any abber led is glowing on the server then the server won't boot at all , as you have mentioned no fan ,no post ..... this is the characteristics of the prolient servers.

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Re: Proliant 6000 interlock problems

hello david

pls check the attachment.

C W Long
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Re: Proliant 6000 interlock problems

I have the exact same problem. Have you had any luck fixing the problem?

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Re: Proliant 6000 interlock problems

Hi David,

Try the attachment I have added to this reply. It should help you get there.

I've had to zip the file to be able to send it on the forum (1Mb) limit.


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Re: Proliant 6000 interlock problems

I have had the same problem with my server. So i tried whet you said and checked all the connectors. But still nothing happened. Any suggestions?