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Proliant 6400R won't boot up

Occasional Contributor

Proliant 6400R won't boot up


I have a Proliant 6400R server.
Last time, I got a message that the processor 2 failed, so I swap between processor 1 and 2 and reset the ROM using SmartStart CD. I reboot it again and I got message processor 1 failed (so it really is a processor failed).

Then I unplug that bad processor in order to write down the part number and plug it in again. Reboot the server but this time I got nothing, not even go to the BIOS/ memory counting.

I check the VGA connection and it is properly connected.
I unplug the periperal board and plug it in again, unplug the BIOS battery but it didn't help.

The server still won't boot up.
There is a power LED, all fans are blowing.

Is there anybody ever had same experience?
I need to know where the problem is before buy replacement parts. (i know for sure that 1 processor is dead).

Thanks in advanced.
Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant 6400R won't boot up

Hello Buddy,
The best thing would be to update the system bios first and then run system configuration utility. If your bios is uptodate then surely run the system configuration utility because you want to make sure that the CPU has surely failed. Here is the link to download the utility. You would be offered two choices.....update the system partition....Do not update the system partition. You select do not update the system partition. Then run system configuration. You may be asked that during the last POST a CPU had failed, has that been replaced. Please answer "YES" and then continue. Please let me know how you make out.

Dave Lloyd

Re: Proliant 6400R won't boot up

Did you try putting the 'dead' CPU back in the server?
I've seen a similar thing where pulling a CPU 'blanking plate' from an ML570 caused the thing to not post. Seems it needs all the CPUs to complete the circuit or something.
Mike Ludwig
Frequent Advisor

Re: Proliant 6400R won't boot up

I would suggest putting the good CPU back in slot 1 and the bad in slot 2 and then rest the CMOS. Shoud be instructons inside the case or the cover on how to clear CMOS. Sorry Sunil but unless he gets the machine booting again he can't update the BIOS. Asuming you get the machine booting again I wouldn't do the BIOS update unless it is grossly out of date. Like three years or so. Doing a BIOS update on an unstable machine sounds like a good way for theem to sell you a new machine. I have seen a couple of conditions where it was reporting a CPU bad that wasn't but in those conditions it wouldn't likely report the CPU bad again after a CMOS reset so I'm inclined to belive it is bad.