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Proliant 6500 Mylex 1100 Raid Intallation

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Proliant 6500 Mylex 1100 Raid Intallation

I installed a Mylex 1164P card on my Proliant that was recently acquired. When running the server setup to install Windows 2000 on my Raid 5 setup I had to set the imbedded SCSI controller to second controller, and another SCSI Compaq controller card that is present to third. The system only recognizes the Mylex as a PCI Mass Storage Controller and will not let me install the configuration utilities due to "No Hard Disk Present!" NOTE: I know the Mylex card is good, and the Proliant will work with a Compaq raid card. So, what am I doing wrong?
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Re: Proliant 6500 Mylex 1100 Raid Intallation


Two things should be checked which might possibly help.

The Mylex controller should have its BIOS enabled (You should be prompted when the card does its POST to enter key strokes for the setup).

Secondly, make sure the Mylex is in PCI slot 5 or 6 (Primary PCI bus on Proliant 6500). If there is a RIB (Remote Insight Board) in slot 6 then you can only use 5.

If you swap cards around make sure you run the System Configuration Utility when complete as this will assign resources properly.

Good luck.