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Proliant 6500 RAID?

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Proliant 6500 RAID?

Hi, I just bought a proliant 6500 to use for hosting my company website. I got a really good deal on it, but I have never settup a server before so please bear with me for these newbie questions.

I have 5 SCSI HDs and I want to use it as one HD, does the Proliant let me do that?
If so, what do I need to dl and install?

I have look and tried to dl a few files from but when I try to install, I am asked for the


Terry Hutchings
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Re: Proliant 6500 RAID?

Is there an array controller in this server? You would normally be able to tell if there is one by rebooting the machine and viewing the messages during POST.

If there is an array controller installed, then I would recommend booting off the Smart Start CD and selecting the array configuration utility.
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Re: Proliant 6500 RAID?

Thanks for the quick reply!

I booted the server and there was no messages regarding RAID array but I think RAID was standard for all the proliant 6500?

Am I wrong?

How do I check to see if I have a RAID controller?

My proliant have 5 SCSI HD so I assume the previous owner would have a RAID controller installed to use all 5 disk.
Nick Shank

Re: Proliant 6500 RAID?

If you open up the computer, you should see a scsi controller in one of the PCI slots. Safe bet that thats the RAID controller. If not, RAID controllers can be had for a fair price, if you don't mind used parts.
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Re: Proliant 6500 RAID?

The only thing i see is the Ethernet card in the PCI slot. I guess I will have to look for one of these RAID controller cards.

After I get one of these, would I need the SmartStart CD to install?

I dont have the SmartStart cd. =(