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Proliant 6500 System Freeze

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Patrick Tessier_1
Occasional Visitor

Proliant 6500 System Freeze


I had my server up and running redhat 9 for a while now but decided to move the machine becuase of the noise it was generating. I carefully unplugged everything attached to it and rolled it into another room where I wouldn't be able to hear it. Upon replugging all the peripherals I got different errors.
The first error was saying that the memory count wasn't right so I opened the box and reseated the memory board. After that it seemed fine booting. It got to after it locates the procs and then the screen jumped and said to press F6(looked like the line before it said something about the floppy disk). I made sure no disk was inserted and rebooted the machine and the LCD displayed ROMPAQ failure. I rebooted the machine again and now the message on the LCD sticks at System Init. and won't move from there.
Is this server salvagable anymore? Has something come unplugged? Has a chip come unseated or some other jumper I can't think of?
Any help would be greatly appreciated on this matter.
Thank you,
Patrick Tessier
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant 6500 System Freeze

Hi Patrick,

The first thing I would check is the peripheral board (The board which has the video/scsi/serial/monitor ports on it).
This board also has the system BIOS. The CMOS battery on this module may also have come loose although in transporting the server you appear to have taken some care.

Once you have checked this module for anything loose etc. make sure it is really well seated back in its slot by pushing down on it with the palms of both hands.

To help you further and permit more thorough checks if this doesn't resolve your problem I have attached the Proliant 6500 troubleshooting guide. This will allow you to check for interlock errors and expected results. It will also hopefully get you to the solution a bit quicker.

Good luck.

Patrick Tessier_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: Proliant 6500 System Freeze

Hello Brian,

Thank you for the quick reply. I opened the box again and unseated and reseated everything including the board you mentioned and now everthing is working fine. I guess you just have to be extra careful and gentle with these old beasts.