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Proliant 6500 and infamous 1611 error

Jaboeuf Thierry_1
Occasional Visitor

Proliant 6500 and infamous 1611 error


Just baught an proliant 6500 bi xeon server

Was told it worked fine last week
But each time i boot it, it hangs verifying the fans
I got 5 errors from the 2 I/O fans and the 3??? CPU Fans

But IMHO there is only 2 CPU Fans.

It told me the fans are not present.

But there are just there, working and the green led is even light on on each 4 of them.

Already tried to clean the connectors, get the links to the area the fans are powered off then on again but no luck.

On the 50+ time i tried to boot the server it actualy booted once ,)

Why is the bios told me about a 5th fan ?

And what can i do to solve the issue ? (As you can't boot if the proliant unhappy with his fans)

Thx for reading