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Proliant 7000, CR46 System Interlock On

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Proliant 7000, CR46 System Interlock On

We recently moved two Compaq Proliant 7000 units (due to their size, that's another story). One unit now refuses to power on, and the system interlock led is on.

From what I understand the two causes of this LED are the system I/O board becoming loose and not seated properly, or an interlock switch is active. I've reseated the board multiple times and pulled most of the machine apart to reseat the panels.

I see two interlock switch connections on the i/o board, and processor board, but no physical interlock switch - both seem to be disabled with a wire loop.

Any other ideas to get this machine running?
ernst limbrunner
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Re: Proliant 7000, CR46 System Interlock On

hi mark

there is also a cable from the io board which is part of the interlock.

check that one.

there are not too many cables. and it is not the scsi cables.#

best regards
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Re: Proliant 7000, CR46 System Interlock On

Didn't seem to do it. I went as far as pulling the wire loop out of the header and testing it with a multimeter, and it passed.

I don't see anything else that it can be...